Wanaka Transfers – Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all bookings made through Wanaka Transfers. 
  2. For the purposes of the terms and conditions, the term ‘service’ refers to each individual transfer service provided by Kirsty (or one of her contractors) between Wanaka and Queenstown or Wanaka and an alternative destination. 


  1. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and GST inclusive unless stated otherwise. 
  2. Payment shall be made in one instalment at the time of booking, with 50% of the payment to be allocated as a non-refundable deposit upon your booking (the “Deposit”). 
  3. The Deposit will cover all time, expense and costs incurred by Wanaka Transfers in securing the relevant booking, including, but not limited to, securing a driver for the service and any time and costs incurred in ensuring the driver is at the relevant pick-up location for the service.
  4. Full payment is required prior to service to secure your booking. Any debt collection will incur a further administration fee.
  5. Payment is to be made by bank transfer, credit card or cash, prior to the service commencing.
  6. A GST invoice will be generated at time of booking.


  1. Bookings cancelled prior to 48 hours before the service will receive a full refund less the Deposit.
  2. If a booking is cancelled due to (i) adverse weather conditions; or (ii) any other reason which Wanaka Transfers in its sole discretion considers is outside of your reasonable control, then:
  3. The parties will endeavour to re-book the booking to a later time (subject to Wanaka Transfers availability); or
  4. In the event that re-booking is not possible, you will receive a full refund less the Deposit.
  5. Bookings that are cancelled within 48 hours of the service will not receive a refund (a “Non-Refundable Cancellation”). You acknowledge and agree that the following (without limitation) shall be deemed to be a Non-Refundable Cancellation:
  6. If you provide Wanaka Transfers notice to cancel the booking within 48 hours of the service; or
  7. If you cancel the booking without notice to Wanaka Transfers (including circumstances where you fail to show up to the designated pick up spot at the designated time in accordance with your Booking).


  1. Mountain transfers are subject to mountain conditions and an alternative booking can be arranged if the mountain is closed.
  2. If the Crown Range is closed the alternative route is via Cromwell and an additional fee of $40 will be incurred. The driver will make the final decision as to the route taken.
  3. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in any Wanaka Transfers vehicle.
  4. The consumption of hot food is not permitted in any Wanaka Transfers vehicle.
  5. Smoking and vaping are not permitted in any Wanaka Transfers vehicle.
  6. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle at all times. The driver may refuse any passenger entry onto the vehicle and may remove any passenger from the vehicle if they consider that the passenger is jeopardising the safety of the vehicle.
  7. Wanaka Transfers is not responsible for any loss or damage to property left in the vehicle. Passengers may leave personal belongings in the vehicle at their own risk. Wanaka Transfers will make reasonable efforts to keep any lost property safe and to contact the owners of the lost property.
  8. Wanaka Transfers do not guarantee the time taken to complete any given journey, and do not accept liability for any loss or inconvenience which may arise from delay from any cause whatsoever.
  9. In circumstances where you have requested that Wanaka Transfers drive your own allocated vehicle, you acknowledge and agree that, while Wanaka Transfers will take reasonable care when driving your vehicle, Wanaka Transfers shall not be liable to you (or any other party) for any damage caused to your vehicle or any third-party vehicle in providing such services, except in circumstances where such damage is caused by the negligence of Wanaka Transfers. By requesting such services from Wanaka Transfers you warrant and represent to Wanaka Transfers that you hold and will maintain during the period of services provided by Wanaka Transfers, appropriate car insurance in relation to your vehicle.
  10. Wanaka Transfers reserves the right to impose an additional cleaning fee of up to $250 for any spills from food, drink or otherwise. Wanaka Transfers also reserves the right to impose additional charges for additional time or milage incurred, which was not included in the original booking.
  11. You acknowledge that you are liable for any loss or damage Wanaka Transfers may suffer as a result of wilful or reckless damage that occurs to any vehicle over the duration of the hire.